HOUSE RULES OF THE SYNDICAAT – To keep it as pleasant as possible for everyone. We use a number of rules in the Syndicaat

1. Do not come under excessive influence of alcohol. 2. No drugs. 3. Phones may not be used to make noise and loud sounds in the Syndicaat. Should it still be necessary to call, please let the staff know. We have a separate room available. 4. Smoking is allowed only in the smokers’ room. 5. Be respectful towards staff and other guests. 6. No swear words. 7. Do not be too noisy and think of others. 8. No violence. 9. No weapons. 10.Β  No pictures with other guests in the background. 11. 21+. 12. In order to prevent noise nuisance, it is not permitted to smoke or make calls outside after 10 pm. 13. In order to prevent noise nuisance, please don’t slam the front door when you close it. 14. No drinks above the pool table.Β  15. Have a pleasant time.