29 december 2017: The hidden Eiber party

Welcome to the hidden Eiber speakeasy party. Speakeasies, though illegal, were numerous and popular during the Prohibition years. Beer cocktails were very popular. This day we introduce you to the only secret bar in The Hague “Syndicaat” and we will serve the best beercocktails ever made with the best The Hague beer.

Eiber is beer made in The Hague by Jasper van den Burg. He will be on the party to tell everything about this.
The cocktails will be made by Arden van Ende, award winning master mixologist in her roaring 20’s, glamour gal of the gilded age, and all slinger of drinks so good they should be illegal.

To enter you need to say these secret words: “Eiber fever”

style: roaring 20’s


Photo: Arden Van de Ende, master mixologist
photography: Sebastiano Filippi

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