Created during the ban in the America of the 1920s, the concept of the ‘speakeasy’ lasted much longer than anyone could have predicted. These mysterious yet glamorous hidden bars – normally accessible through weathered storefronts, normal-looking pizzerias or neglected launderettes – were originally intended as outposts for illicit drinking, but have recently found a new 21st-century place in trendy European metropolises such as Paris, Amsterdam and now also in The Hague.

“Syndicaat” is the first Speak-Easy bar, inspired by the Prohibition, in The Hague. From the outside you will not immediately notice, that it is a high-end cocktail bar and you would walk past it if you didn’t know about this hidden gem. To enter you must ring the bell, like back in the day. A table can also be reserved by reservation. High-end cocktails, served by well-trained specialists, are the main attraction. In addition to cocktails, “Syndicate” also has a wide drinks assortment of spirits, drinks and snacks. 

Once inside, you step into a new world and it feels like you are going back in time to the 1930’s. You are seduced by the delicious aromas of the drinks and the cheerful atmosphere. Two cocktail stations immediately catch the eye where bartenders / mixologists prepare cocktails with funky music in the background. “Syndicaat” becomes a stylish cocktail bar with a map that follows the seasons. Dim lighting along with music such as saxophone jazz, pre-modern music and blues. Simply an experience you will not forget.

Personal attention is of paramount importance at “Syndicate”. We are happy to come to your table to help you make the right choice and serve you your perfect drink. From the drinks menu or outside the card. This also means that you can also order from a list of specials or request your classic outside the cocktail menu.