We are open again!!!! ALMOST

It took a while, but it finally gonna happen. Syndicate opens again on Thursday November 1st, 2018. With new staff, a new bar, new cocktail menu, a new spirit selection, but with the same concept. Speak-Easy.


Reservations only!!!
Our opening hours are every:
Thursday 18h till 01h
Friday and Saturday from 18h to 02h

For reservations you can email to syndicaatdenhaag@gmail.com

May 11th : Syndicaat’s Summerbreak Festival

Dear lovely people, Tanya and Diederick are going to get married in june. With this reason Syndicaat will be closed for summer, because they want to enjoy their funnymoon in the sun.

But first we want to celebrate this with you!
With the Syndicaat’s Summerbreak Festival,
many kinds of music and dancing.

20’s theme brassband that sometimes goes naked when the crowd goes wild!
Dillon Baiocchi. Hailing from the land of the free, the home of the brave, Dillon brings a slice of Downtown New York to the group with his fat tone, tasty licks and impeccable hipster beard.
Adam Taylor. With an infectious swing that’ll keep your feet moving into the early hours and a bonhomie attitude sure to keep the frivolities fresh,
Johannes Fend.all to jive on throughout the night is our Austrian ami and brother,
Richie Struck. When you feel that vibe, that irresistible swing, you just gotta dance!

Radio Stories
The band members grew up listening and playing gospel music.
Together they try to mix their gospel roots with other music styles such as Hip-hop r&b and jazz.
And they get their inspiration from artists such as Tye Tribett , kendrick Lamar, Jay Z, Robert Glasper.
The concept is to combine music, improvisation,spoken-words and love in one performance.

U can expect a nice smooth mix of hiphop neo-soul jazz and spoken words.

Urvin Doornkamp =drums
Rushan West = bass
Jean Felipe Ansjeliena = keys
Melanin Kris = Spoken thoughts
Franklin Caesar = saxophone

Groove Spot:
This band was born in Den Haag. Their members come from Spain, Italy, Barcelona and Ecuador.
Their music is inspired by the grooves of the old school funky and New Orleans Rhythm and Blues. They are extremely energetic and since they start to play, you’ll not be able to sit quiet on your chair because your feet will be moving even before you realize.

Miguel Sucasas: Terror Saxophone
Albert Casán: Electric Guitar
Andrea Nicolai: Drums
Yussif Barakat: Electric Bass.

You need a ticket because we have limited space.
All ticketmoney goes to the music acts:

March 30: The Martini Party

Lets Swing!

Martini cocktails and the sound from the 50’s en 60’s!
Jazz & Latin Swing, Twist, Mambo, Cha-cha-cha, Rock & Roll from
DJ’s Ome Steef & Recordjack!

Think of polka dot dresses and slick suits, black tie
cool hats, dark sunglasses and fashionable martini cocktails.
And the exchange of lots of meaningful glances until the party is over!

tickets: https://thehaguemartiniparty.eventbrite.com/

10 march: Ludmil Krumov meets Johnny Daly

Lyudmil Krumov is a Bulgarian guitarist specializing in contemporary jazz and world fusion. His guitar style incorporates wide diversity of techniques such as sweep and alternate picking , rich articulation and dynamic phrasing. Technically fluent, he uses the entire neck of the instrument to play lines involving horizontal and vertical melodic approach, wide intervals and modal diversity in a virtuoso way without compromising musicality. His improvisations incorporate the language of bebop, modern jazz and blues spiced up with eastern European and Balkan ornamentation and complex additive rhythms. Based both on Jazz and Bulgarian folklore music and influenced by other genres and traditions such as Indian, Turkish and Classical Western European, his music works are compositionally challenging, featuring improvisations over sophisticated harmonies in odd meters.

9 march: The Hague Roaring 20’s Party

The Hague’s Roaring Twenties party on the 9th of March.
Get out your cool suits and get ready to dance!
A free interpretation of the good times a century ago,
with widest variation of swing (big bands, electro,gypsy & afro swing).

Schw!ng Jazz Band
DJ’s Ome Steef & Socrates
They’ll provide you with Ragtime, Swing from Big Bands, Jazz Blues-, Afro-, Latin- & Electro Swing, Manouche (Gypsy Swing), 50’s & Rhythm & Blues.

As typical for us Dutch people, we are liberal in what you want to wear. However, we appreciated it when you to dress to impress! And remember that you can never be overdressed.

tickets: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/the-hague-roaring-20s-party-tickets-43104207846